Whether you're getting behind the wheel in Center Conway, NH or going out into the wild, you need a vehicle that provides peace of mind. That's where the Ford F-150 Raptor can help. Packed with features that keep you safe and comfortable, this popular off-road pickup truck helps you tackle any route.

No matter what terrain you're driving over, the F-150 Raptor's leather-wrapped steering wheel helps you maintain a secure grip. It features a sporty design and comes complete with thumb pads for comfort and easy steering. You can also use the paddle shifters for fast gear changes when you need them most.

Built with a Pre-Collision Assist system, the F-150 Raptor keeps you safe. It uses sensors to monitor the area in front of your truck; then, it lets you know if there's a person or car in the road. To see more, visit us at Macdonald Motors and go for a test drive.


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