Some drivers like the look and feel of a full-sized sedan. The Ford Taurus won't disappoint these drivers. So far, the vehicle has proven itself to be popular. The vehicle's unique technology helps drive that popularity.

Enhanced technology doesn't only refer to entertainment-related functions. The Taurus proves tech can support safe driving. The Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) provides warnings about nearby out-of-sight vehicles. The warning also helps when backing out of a parking spot. Any alerts that warn of drivers in blind spots lends a valuable assist.

Adaptive cruise control presents a unique feature. It automatically slows a vehicle down upon detecting slowing traffic. The speed then adjusts as the other drivers speed up. This modernized version of cruise control will be appreciated by drivers dealing with touch-and-go traffic.

The future of driving tech can be found right here at our Ford dealership. Stop by Macdonald Motors and take a Ford Taurus and all its advanced technology out for a test drive.



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