The Ford Fusion Energi List of Technology Features

The new Ford Fusion Energi hybrid is the plug-in exploding in popularity because of these technology features.

If you place your Ford Fusion Energi in reverse, this is when the radar system of the Cross-Traffic Alert is activated. Scanning in either direction, the radar alerts the driver by way of flashing lights to stop and wait until it is clear before proceeding back and directly into the path of oncoming traffic.

The all-new Ford Fusion Energi makes use of Adaptive Cruise Control technology in order to get you where you need to be going safely. Once the lead car is recognized, your car has a buffer to that car, and will brake slowly if needed to keep that buffer and avoid getting to close to the vehicle.

Now is the right time to get over to Macdonald Motors so you can get behind the wheel of the Ford Fusion Energi and test drive it.

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