Ford's Transit Connect Cargo Van - It Works As Hard As You Do

If you are a farmer, a rancher, or a contractor, you are no stranger to hard work. Want a vehicle that works as hard as you do? Check out the Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van.

The long wheelbase model has a maximum payload rating of up to 1,570-lbs., with a towing capacity of 2,000-lbs. It offers 127 cubic feet of cargo space behind the front seats and can handle cargo stacked to four feet high. Computerized sensors measure vehicle speed, body movement, wheelslip, oversteer, understeer, crosswinds, and then instantaneously adjusts engine power and precision braking to keep you in control.

If you need secure storage for tools, equipment, and supplies, you can customize the Transit for your particular needs, with roof racks for ladders, storage cabinets, dividers, shelving, double floors and a plethora of cargo management packages for you to choose from. Without leaving your seat, you have easy access to the overhead shelf, a roomy glove box, and a center console bin.



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