What kind of infotainment system is in the Ford Flex?

Entertainment while traveling with a family has always been a chore. Trying to keep the family entertained with sing-alongs or “I Spy” games is an early version of the infotainment systems found in the Ford Flex. The call for advances in technology inside vehicles for entertainment and information reasons became a holler when accident rates increased with the use of smartphones by drivers.

The Ford Flex comes standard with the SYNC infotainment system. With SYNC you can stream music, seek favorites through a Bluetooth connection, and utilize navigation software. SYNC even allows you to utilize your smartphone while driving through a voice activation system. You can find such information as to whom you are speaking, find the number of a person and make a call or text—all hands-free while keeping your eye on the road.

Come to Macdonald Motors and look over the SYNC system screen.



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