The Ford EcoSport Comes Equipped With Exciting Amenities

The Ford EcoSport remains popular with the crossover crowd for its interior comfort and space. The vehicles are also fun to drive. The latest models available at Macdonald Motors also offer a wealth of amenities. From added space to entertainment, the EcoSport has is all.

The infotainment system comes with premium audio technology and 10 surround-sound speakers. Enjoy your favorite music in concert hall quality. Convert your vehicle into a mobile hotspot with 4G WiFi capable of connecting with up to 10 devices. You stay connected once you step out of the vehicle and up to 50 feet away.

Keep your devices charged whether using them or not thanks to two USB ports and two 12-volt outlets in the front and rear of the vehicle. Rear-seat passengers enjoy more room than ever before. You might also consider an upgrade to all leather-trimmed seats. Check out all of the amenity possibilities at Macdonald Motors.



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