The Ford C-Max: Performance and Efficiency in a Compact Hybrid

The Ford C-Max has been designed to produce an exceptional ride with an efficient engine setup. The power-split hybrid system uses both an electric and gas engines to produce up to 188 horsepower, allowing the driver to accelerate at will.

A regenerative braking system can capture up to 90% of the power lost during braking and coasting, keeping the lithium ion batteries of the electric engine charged while you're driving. Small features, such as active grille shutters that keep the engine at the right temperature, further increase the efficiency of the entire system. The shutters will close to improve the aerodynamics of the car when cooling isn't needed.

There are many things to consider when choosing a hybrid. To take a Ford C-Max out for a test drive in Center Conway, come to Macdonald Motors today and explore your options.




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